Unique Somerset Custom Home, Listed by Lili Shang & Lisa Woolverton, Winds its Way onto Curbed Seattle

According to Sean Keeley from Curbed Seattle, “Unique Custom Somerset Home,” listed by Lili Shang and Lisa Woolverton, “Has Curves In All The Right Places.” Beginning with the wrap-around windows boasting “clear views from the hilltop out to Lake Washington where the Seattle skyline looms in the distance,” Keeley notes a number of “curves” throughout the home; from the “coved stain glass window in the bathroom” and “curled shower class” to the “custom counter that practically loops around the entire kitchen” and “spiral cherry & maple staircase leading up into a central atrium full of indoor trees,” the home is truly impressive.

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Keeley makes an excellent point, as the home flawlessly fuses indoor and outdoor spaces, offering spectacular views and abundant natural light, using exotic woods and natural materials, and featuring a waterfall and indoor trees. So we can definitely see why Keeley says that “this 5,200 sf home doesn’t corner the market, it curves, meanders and weaves through it.”

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